About us

Glory Generation Interational school.

GGIS School is designed to be ideal schools for advanced learning depending on educational , moral,and entertaining basic.
GGIS is an international school that relies completely on English language education together with the consolidation of Arabic language and Islamic studies in both langauges.
Our school gives care and attention to the memorization of the Holy Quran by preparing spectial classes (Tahfeez).
In addition to the French language subject that starts from the primary classes, a fourth language is offered in the higher grades.
The school evaluation system is based on two main semesters that includes four quarter a break week is gived according to the vacations of Ministry of Education.
The school includes all grades from KG till high school

  • GGIS students are committed to the spirit of internationalism

    GGIS students have the right to enjoy the principles of the school based on respect, responsibilities, and mutual good relationship in anatmosphere of comfort and well being.
    * Imposed respect is for all students, staff members without considering or relying on race or nationality.
    * Everyone in the school is responsible for minds, bodies, and morals because generation are of great responsibilities that we have to protect.
    *Understand personal freedom and responsibilities in an atmosphere of good relationship between righs and responsibilities.
    * The school provides and leads the subtle relationship between the principles and ethics.

  • What are benefits achieved by the GGIS students?

    * The environment of the school is an opportunity to each student to get knowledge about civilizations, history, and modern science.
    * To identfy other civilizations and have practical experience.
    * Achieve the goal of learning in English language & success in learning it with maintaining the native language and the rest of language offered by the school for learning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to embrace our students with an effective learning environment that stimulates their minds toward creativity and enriches their authentic identity through integrated curricula and acquiring of life like skills simulation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a new generation with all the needed knowledge and skills for a better future through a student-centered learning process and by realizing each student’s unique identity, needs and abilities which leads them gradually to be effective figures for their community.


G : Gaining knowledge is a genuine right for all the students





G : Giving the students their chance to learn by discovering, researching and debating is our priority.



I : Integrating the curricula with extra and none curricular activities is our way to make our students discover the world and widen their eyes.


S :  Safety is not a choice


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