Kindergarten section at GGIS.

Kindergarten provides your child with the opportunity to learn the building blocks that will last for life. At GGIS our kg teachers and staff strive to make this learning process easy and achievable. In addition to the learning side there is always the manners side that goes along with it. We believe that teaching our lovely kg students to cooperate, share, take turns, listen to others and respect others are skills which they will use throughout their school years.

  • Our goals at GGIS

    Our goals at GGIS is to provide safe and friendly environment that boosts the learning process, making sure that students get the most benefit from the kindergarten stage. Using media is one of our priorities at GGIS as we realize the important influence this has on young learners.

    At GGIS we believe that every child is a hidden gem, and our job is to help that child discover his/her gem, embrace it and encourage it. We empower them to establish their self-esteem and self-confidence and pursue their potential to become enhancing members of their society.

  • At GGIS

    * At GGIS you will always find our children happy telling stories, painting projects, enjoying daily circle times with their teachers and learning new letters and words.
    * Our lovely kg students visit the playground twice a day which allows them to express their happiness on swings and slides and have some fun breaks with their friends during their busy day.
    * Weekly hands-on activities (Non curricular activities) usually take place every Thursday and it’s based on learning through fun. As we teach a concept through the week we try to stress it by the activity we do at the end of the week.

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