Get ready for the first day; Here are some tips

English " Mrs. Rania Ramadan

Our children are mirrors, reflecting images of what happens around them. In addition to sharing genetic similarities with parents, they reflect the gestures, language, and interests of the adults in their lives

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Math "Mrs. Fatema Tharwat

GGIS thinks that it’s really important for the students to see an organized teacher who is ready for them and she takes the class very seriously from the first day of the year. This is very important as a first sign for the student to feel welcome in the school.

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Science "Mrs. Manal Alaker

Science involves trial and error—trying, failing and trying again. It doesn’t provide all the answers and requires us to be skeptical so that our scientific “conclusions” can be modified or changed altogether as we make new discoveries.

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Arabic "Mrs. Abeer Damer

الأمهات الفاضلات كل عام وأنتن و طلبتنا الأعزاء بألف خير ، أتمنى أن يكون عاما جديدا مفعما بالحيوية ، مليئا بالعمل والطاقة ، ونرجو الأجر والثواب من الله .

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Arabic Islamic "Mrs. Roquya Elahmer

ماهي إلا أيام معدودة ويعود طلابنا الأعزاء إلى مدرستهم جيل المجد العالمية , وبهذه المناسبة يطيب لقسم التربية الإسلامية بالمدرسة تهنئة طلابنا وأولياء أمورهم ببداية هذا العام الجديد، فكل عام وأنتم بخير، ونسأل الله القدير أن يجعله عام خير وبركة وتوفيق ....

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French "Mrs. Esraa Ahmed

In this new academic school year, let us wish each one of you, especially our new students and parents, an excellent school year at Glory Generation International School.  

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